The complete guide to Cat Collars

Although most people associate collars with the canine breed, there are a number of options when it comes to choosing cat collars for your feline friends as well. You might not even consider it when purchasing or adopting a cat, especially as they are typically associated with being indoor pets. 

However, even if your cat makes it out to the yard when you leave the sliding screen door open, you might run the risk of them escaping the yard, climbing a tree, or possibly being stolen, and if you don’t have the appropriate cat collar in place, might never see them again. 

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Even though they are most often associated with dogs, these are a few things to keep in mind as a cat owner (or soon to be owner) if you are debating whether or not to purchase cat collars for them. From deciding on the size and fitting, to choosing the proper material, to reasons you need to purchase cat collars, these are some basics as it pertains to owning a cat, and placing a collar around their neck. 

· Why use cat collars?

First and foremost, you are considering whether or not you should invest in cat collars. Most owners never even consider the possibility of purchasing one, especially if their cat is an indoor pet. However, you do run the risk of your cat being lost, stolen, or simply wandering off and never returning if they don’t wear a collar. So lets consider some of these reasons to purchase cat collars and benefits of your cat wearing one.

1. Ownership 

As stated above, even if your cat is an indoor pet, you never know when they might sneak out of a door, a window, or make their way up a neighbor’s tree and not know how to come down. With cat collars in place, you can clearly indicate where to return your pet, who to call, and if they are found by the impound lot (adoption facilities) they don’t run the risk of being put to sleep if they can’t find the owner within a few days time. It is not only the simplest way to dictate ownership, but also an easy way to spot your cat before they try to make their way out of the house. 

2. Unique/identification

cat collar identification

If you want something fun, colorful, or playful, cat collars allow you to have some fun when “dressing up” your cat. You can choose from various colors, materials, finishes, distinct prints, and styles. So you can fully customize the look and fit, or you can go with something simple and elegant for the refined cat. Regardless of their color, their breed, or their fur length, there are several great options you can choose from when purchasing cat collars. Its a great fashion accessory for those who want to dress their pet up, and have them stand out in a crowd. 

3. Micro-identification

With so many different technologies today, you can find cat collars which have a microchip implanted in them. This allows you to track where your cat is, where they are going off to, or if they have been lost before it being reported, directly from a smartphone. Many of these chips also inform the manufacturer, which will immediately inform you, the owner, so you can find your cat and bring them back home to safety. 

4. Your Pet’s Control

Believe it or not you can purchase cat collars which are designed as flea and tick control collars as well. With chemicals in the collar, they will kill these animals on contact, while ensuring your cat is safe and is not affected by the chemicals used in the collar. So your home won’t get infested with ticks and fleas, your cat does not have to be itching and scratching all day long, and you have the added benefits of using a cat collar for identification purposes, when placing these on your cat’s neck. 

All in all, there are a number of benefits to purchasing cat collars for your feline friend. The most obvious being the safety factor and ease of identification in the event they do roam off or otherwise get lost or stolen. You never want to have your cat wandering out and about without people knowing who they belong to.

Of course it is important to do your research prior to investing in cat collars ,in order to find out what type of collar your cat (breed) will be most comfortable with. It is also important that with any collar you choose to buy, that you can fit two fingers between the collar and their neck when being worn, in order to ensure optimal safety or avoid choking (discomfort). 

Now that you know some of the reasons why you should invest in cat collars, which option is right for your cat? 

Does my cat need a collar? 

Okay, so you know that cat collars are a simplified way to dictate ownership and who the cat belongs to. They are also a great way to help spot your cat (with options like reflective collars so they can easily be sen in dark situations or dangerous areas). Cat collars are also a great way to personalize or “dress” your cat up, without having to put any clothing on them. But, you are considering whether or not you should purchase a cat collar for your cat. 

Although the answer is no (you as the owner choose what to do with your pet), it is highly advisable to purchase cat collars for your cat to wear. Even if they are strictly indoor cats, you know that they are the type of animal which is curious by nature. This means when you slip out the back door to bring groceries in when it is raining, they are likely to try to run away and escape when you are not looking.

Cats are also known for getting into compromising situations which they can’t easily get themselves out of. So when they climb up that tree and don’t know how to come down, or get caught in that dark alley and don’t know how to return home, the collar is a simple identifier which allows you to spot them (or someone else to spot them) so you can bring them back home. 

You will quickly learn that when trying out different cat collars, some cats are far less likely to want to wear them than others. This means you are going to have to be persistent and keep an eye on them. You will have to make sure they do not try to claw them off or rip them off when they are playing. So early on it is going to be quite tedious for some owners. But, you will ultimately find it is well worth the headaches, and that it will greatly benefit your cat when they are wearing the collars. 

Not only will it give you the peace of mind in knowing you can identify and find your pet, but can also serve to protect them in situations where they might otherwise be in danger. For owners who are questioning whether or not to purchase cat collars, especially if their cat is strictly an indoor pet, you should at least try it out for a few weeks. You will soon realize it is well worth the investment, and is a simple way to have an extra pair of eyes on your cat, when you can’t keep an eye on them everywhere they run off or sneak off to. 

·What to look for when purchasing cat collars?

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With so many options to consider when purchasing reflective cat collars, it might seem overwhelming as an owner, when trying to find the best one for your cat. This becomes even more so complex when you go online to find out what to purchase, and are inundated with reviews from different styles and types of cat collars which are available for your pets. So, what should you look for when choosing a collar? How do you know you are purchasing the right one for your cat? Consider some of these design features. 

1. Comfort

Make sure you can comfortable place two fingers between your cat’s neck and the collar, in order to avoid choking or discomfort when they are wearing these collars all day long. You don’t want it to be overly tight or loose, so this will ensure a good fit. Of course you also have to consider the materials, the design, harness systems, and other design features which manufacturers use when designing the cat collars. Ultimately the only way to ensure your cat is comfortable is to put the collar on and to see how your cat reacts to it. But, you do have to make sure they can breath, they have full range of mobility, and that they seem comfortable when they are wearing the collar for extended periods of time. 

2. Material

With nylon, rubber finishes, metallic (metal), or break-away collar options, it is truly a situation where you might have to do a “trial and error” test, in order to find the right cat collars for your cat. Further, some cats are constantly going to try to rip them off or scratch them off their neck. So if possible, see if you can read reviews online (for your cat’s breed) so you can see what other owners have tried. You can always talk to your vet as well to find out what materials are most comfortable, durable, and are safe for your cat to wear all night/day long. 

3. Safety

Break away are extremely safe as they have a clip mechanism which won’t allow them to lock into place if your cat gets stuck on something. This prevents issues like choking or other injuries if they get caught where they shouldn’t be. Break away buckle system collars are also a popular options, as they are easy to place on your cat and easy to remove. Again, no matter what option you eventually choose for your cat, consider their safety, and the ability to easily unlock or disengage the collar so they don’t injure themselves if they somehow get stuck somewhere. 

4. Consider elastic

Like the break away variety, this material is a good option if your cat is playful or likes to get into situations they shouldn’t get into. The elastic material is not going to be too tight on their neck, allows for freedom of mobility, while still providing the benefits of your cat wearing a collar. Of course many manufacturers will cover the elastic material with something more comfortable, so your cat’s fur doesn’t get caught or tangled up when wearing it all day long. 

5. Flea/tick variety 

Many cat collars will serve a dual purpose; this will be to help you maintain ownership (let others know who the cat belongs to) and also help keep ticks and fleas out of your home. With medicinal benefits, these collars help kill these creatures when they make contact with your cat or the collar, so your cat won’t have to deal with the scratching and itching when wearing their collars either. 

6. Material finishes 

Above we mentioned the actual material of the cat collars you were going to purchase. But, you also have to make sure you look at and compare the material finishes and detail. Whether it is a leather or fabric finish, look for something that is comfortable and will not be too tight on your cat. With rubber finishes or elastic, consider choosing a finish which isn’t too rough, or has some kind of cover over the elastic base, in order to avoid the discomfort of pain of your cat’s fur being pulled or piled on the elastic material. In addition to this, the better the material finish is, the higher the quality of the collar you are purchasing. So you do not have to worry about damage, the collar breaking, or otherwise getting damaged. Nor do you have to worry about injuries or pain when your cat is wearing the collar for extended periods of time during the day. 

7. Manufacturer 

Make sure you consider the manufacturer of the cat collars you invest in. There are several items or products you simply do not want to skimp on, or purchase the cheapest thing you can find, and this is one of them. When comparing different varieties and styles, ask the owner of your local pet shop or your vet, which mark/brand you should consider purchasing. Not only will they point you in the right direction, but will give you some feedback as to how you should go about choosing the right collars for your cats as well. 

It is better to spend a little more money up front when investing in cat collars, as opposed to purchasing the cheapest thing you can possibly find. Not only in terms of the quality and durability, but also in terms of your cat’s comfort and how well the collar is going to fit on them. It is possible to find a well made, high quality collar, for a reasonable price (especially if you shop around prior to purchasing one). With this in mind, do not compromise quality, fit, or design, simply to save a little money when purchasing the collar. It will end up costing more in the long run (since you will continually have to replace them), and might cause danger to your pet, if they are constantly trying to claw it off, or get injured when wearing a poorly designed collar you purchase for them. 

8. Cost 

Yes, like any other product you purchase, you are going to compare the prices of cat collars prior to purchasing one. It is a good idea to physically visit pet stores or your vet, so you can properly fit your cat with the collar. This is also a good way to see what they are going to respond to, how comfortable they feel, and whether or not they are actually going to leave the collar on (or try to claw it off all day long). 

But, once you have settled in on the collar you are going to buy for your cat, you should consider shopping around for it prior to purchasing it. Visit a few local pet shops, your vet, and even online sites, in order to ensure you find the best deal possible when you are ready to buy the collar. You should not compromise on the quality or your cat’s comfort simply to save a few dollars when purchasing the cat collars of choice. With this in mind, it is a good idea to shop and compare, as you would do for anything you purchase, so that you find the best deal and pricing for the specific type of collars you have chosen to purchase for your cat. 

9. Reviews/suggestions 

Possibly the best way to go about choosing the right cat collars for your cat is to speak to your vet. Not only will they tell you what to look for when purchasing a collar, they are also going to tell you what to avoid. They will inform you on the comfort, sizing, design, and material options to consider. Your vet will also provide you with information for your cat’s breed, so that you know what to avoid or specific features to look for, when purchasing their collars. 

In addition to your vet, you also have the benefit of online reviews today. You can find reviews and information about nearly any product you want to purchase online prior to spending the money on it. So why not rely on this invaluable resource? Simply type in the name/brand of the collar, the type of collar, or other information, so you can compare different styles, fits, and material options. 

With the unbiased reviews you can find online, you do not have to worry about a company simply trying to push their product on you, and spend money on something which is not going to function as it should. You can find information from other cat owners, find out what type of collars they have they tried, what works and what doesn’t, and pretty much any other information you need, so you can make an informed purchase decision. 

Although you are ultimately going to make the final decision and are going to choose the collar you feel is most appropriate for your cat, you can find plenty of information prior to choosing one. With online reviews, forums, and different discussion sites, you can find out a great deal of information about different collars and pet products you are considering purchasing for your cat, before you spend money on something which is not as good as you might believe it to be. 

Of course you have to compare quality, durability, and look for the right color, style, and fit for your cat as well. You want them to look their best at all times of course, so you should keep this in mind when purchasing cat collars. With many owners, it might be a trial and error type of situation where you will buy a few ,and see which one your cat responds best to. Some cats won’t mind at all, while others are constantly going to try to claw the collar off. 

So you have to keep an eye on them and monitor them the first few days, in order to ensure you find something they can deal with, feel comfortable with, and one of the cat collars which is going to provide the benefits they are intended to provide, when your cat is wearing it during the course of the day. 

As a cat owner, it is important to understand your cat and what they like/don’t like. But, if you are on the fence between a few different cat collars, or are trying to find the best fit and style for your cat, these are some of the different ways in which you can go about comparing the products out there, prior to actually choosing what you are going to buy. 

Similar to any other consumer good you would buy, you should compare several collars prior to choosing one. This not only gives you a feel of what you are going to get (in terms of quality and design), but also allows you the opportunity to find the best pricing for the cat collars you ultimately decide to buy for your cat. 

· Types of cat collars

1. Break away collars

These are again the type of collar which will unhinge when your cat gets caught somewhere they should not be. Whether it is a fence, or other material they get jammed or caught up in, the collar will break away, and allow them to get out of danger without running the risk of choking. By not “clicking’ into a locked position, your cat won’t run the risk of choking or getting injured otherwise when they like to play and are mischievous during the course of the day. 

2. Flea collar

As the name implies, the flea collar is going to kill fleas (and there are also tick collars) so your cat won’t have these annoying little creatures crawling all over them. The collar is infused with chemicals to kill the fleas and ticks, but are not going to harm your cat if they happen to lick the while it is being worn. It is also important to note that these collars might cause an allergic reaction to certain cats or breeds.

So if you are considering this options, make sure you speak with your vet, or discuss with the shop owner where you plan on purchasing the cat collars, in order to ensure it is safe for them to wear, and will not cause any possible harm or allergic reactions when they are wearing the collar. 

3. Buckle collar

As the name implies, these collars have a buckle harness in place allowing you to adjust the level of tightness (looseness) when your cat is wearing the collar. You will often find these in a nylon or a leather material, so you can find a style and look which will go perfectly with your cat. Whether you want something simple or fancier in style, you can find a great look, color, and style, which will work perfect for your cat. These collars are best for cats who are indoor cats primarily. 

4. Reflective collar

Similarly to the buckle collar, the name of this collar tells you exactly what it does/ how it looks. These cat collars are bright and reflective in nature. So when light shines off of them, they can easily be seen by oncoming traffic or can be seen in extremely dark situations where you would otherwise never find your cat. 

Whether you want to protect them from oncoming traffic, in any areas where it is very dark, or simply want to easily spot your cat in dark conditions if they tend to get out of the house and into the yard, this is a great collar to consider purchasing to protect your feline friends. 

This is a great option to protect your cat from danger whether they are in or out of the home. And, regardless of where they like to hide away or sneak off to, you can easily spot them so do not have to worry about them getting lost in dangerous or otherwise compromising situations. 

5. Personalized collars

For those pet owners who truly want to bedazzle their collar, add unique traits, or finishes, you can choose to do so with this variety of cat collar. You can choose from several material finishes, you can choose the color, the fit, or design prints you want to add to the collars as well.

You can typically order these online, or you can purchase them through local pet stores as well. Whether it is a simple personalized tag and collar, or something extremely unique which can’t be duplicated, a personalized tag is one which will truly stand out for the owner who wants to do just that. 

Best cat collars (styles)

Ultimately, the best cat collar is going to be the one which your cat will wear. If they are always clawing it off, getting stuck on things, or losing the collar, what good is it to even purchase for them. There are some options which are obviously better in quality and finish than others. 

The break away collar for example is one of the most popular options, and might be the best fit for your cat. The simple fact that it does not lock, and your cat won’t get injured or choke when wearing it, is something many owners will flock to in order to ensure their cat is safe. 

The best cat collars are those which are not going to harm your cat in any way. So, look for those which: – Will not irritate their skin or fur. – Will not get caught/jammed, and won’t lock into place when worn. – Are fully adjustable, so you can find the proper fit for your cat. – Are not too rough, so that the material won’t penetrate the fur or injure their skin. 

These are a few features to look for when purchasing cat collars for your pet. Although there is no simple or single answer which every pet owner can rely on when purchasing a collar, there are certain traits or characteristics you should look for when purchasing a collar for your cat. 

These are a few things to keep in mind, in order to ensure you are going to find the ideal fit for your pet. Also when you compare different collars, you are likely going to find those which fit your cat well, allow them the freedom of mobility they desire, and still provide the protections you desire when your cat is wearing the collar during the day. 

In your quest for the ultimate cat collars, you are going to find dozens of options from which you can choose. Before you invest in one, make sure you weigh your options, and ultimately find the best fit/design for your furry feline friends.