Keep Your Cat Parasite Free

The fact that cats know how to survive and take care of themselves makes many pet owners ignore the basic health standards and precautions everyone should take to make sure that their pet is in a good shape. Here is our guide to keep your cat parasite free and to provide a better life for your furry friend.

Veterinarian Visits

Even in developed countries many cat owners forget or don’t think it necessary to take the cat to a vet visit at least once a year. The outlook of “the cat looks fine so why worry” is quite worrying and cats try to hide their problems as a part of their defense mechanism so they don’t appear weak to other predators.
Around 50% of cat owners take their cat to the vet once a year and the others do this far less frequently. But the visit is just the first step. The vet might advise the owner to begin a treatment for flea control or to get rid of other parasites, yet only a third of the cats who do visit the vet actually start such treatments.

Problems and Treatments

As a cat owner you might not know how effective these treatments would be or how often you have to do them and this is the main reason why you should ask a specialist. A cat that is infested can cause harm to those around and to themselves as well.

The dangers come from fleas, worms, mites or lice and it is easy to get confused with so many parasites that can be harming your cat. But fortunately the progress in the chemistry of parasite control products led to new products that can incorporate the cure for all of these into a single product so it becomes much easier to provide the proper help to a cat in need.

One of these new products is Advocate and there are others with similar properties but since these are powerful drugs they are only released under prescription so even if you were looking for a “do it yourself guide” about cat parasite removal that isn’t the way to solve this problem.

Many traditional cures for lice or fleas are actually very harmful for the cat so even before trying one of those you should definitely ask a vet’s opinion if you value the well-being of the cat.

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