Types Of Cat Collars And Their Safety

reflective cat collar

Since you have many choices when it comes to collars let us take a more detailed look at the types of cat collars and their safety to help you make the right decision when you think of picking one for your pet.

To start with we should mention that it is a very bad idea to use any other collar than the ones specifically designed for cats (such as dogs collars) since they can suffocate or do other kind of harm to your pet. Another important advice is to add an identification tag to the collar with a means of reaching you (address, phone number) in case the cat gets lost.

Don’t just write Fluffy or the cat’s name on the tag because that won’t do any good. There are also microchips that can be inserted under the cat’s skin if you are really concerned about knowing where your cat is and if the pet gets lost often that might be the best choice.

Decorated Collars

These come in a huge variety and you should pay attention to two things first: the strip that comes in contact with the cat’s skin should be of a high quality so that no irritation will occur and also pay attention not to have anything that they can injure themselves with (collars with spikes might make the cat look scary but it might also cause injuries). Aside from those two points just pick something that looks good on your cat and that you enjoy.

Safety Collars

If your cat wanders a lot throughout the outdoors and is a fan of climbing in trees (most cats are, so if you have trees in your vicinity pay extra attention) then the branches can become a real danger for your cat. Collars can hang your cat if she slips or tries to climb down without realizing that the collar is on so strangulation is a very serious risk.

The safety collars were designed to reduce this danger and they do so by breaking when you apply sufficient pressure to them. Another choice is to have a strip that is elastic enough to permit the cat to slip out of it when they get snagged so if the area where you live poses this threat then these might be the choice for your cat.

Reflective Cat Collars

Continuing the idea of safety, if your cat wanders throughout the night outdoors then a reflective collar will attract the attention of possible drivers and they will try to avoid the pet. Of course, this isn’t an ideal solution and it’s a much better approach to keep your cat somewhere safe if there is the risk of a car hitting your pet or other threats that are putting the well being of your animal companion in danger.

Flea Collars

You should ask for more information when you want a flea collar since there are many types available. If your cat has problems with fleas then a visit to the veterinarian is a much better choice than simply relying on these collars.

They will usually just eradicate the fleas from the head and neck and some of them won’t get rid of the larvae or the eggs so the problem will reappear later. Another thing to worry about is the flea collar dermatitis or rash. If you see signs that the cat gets badly irritated by the collar then definitely remove it and seek other ways of getting rid of the fleas.

Magnetic Collars

They use a magnet to attach themselves along with a cat flap and if you live in a house then they might be a really useful item. You can have a system for your door to only allow your pet to enter the home, while blocking other cats or animals from doing so.

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